Management of the Sulphur Springs 5k has changed hands as our long time organizers have decided it was time to step down. Thanks to them for the years and work they put into this race.

Thank you to everyone who has ran this race over the years! It was started to be a fast and cheap race for runners by runners and I think it accomplished that (look at the course and age group records)! I have not received any information from the new race management and do not know if I will. If I receive any updated contact information I will add it to the contacts link above. I am keeping this website up with results, records, and pictures so people can come back whenever they want to view them. For me personally, this race was always the mid summer fitness test in my hometown, and it attracted many great runners from Ohio which is something I am very proud off. Thanks again to all who volunteered, donated, raced, or came out to watch!! -Jesse A.